We advise our clients on how to protect and strengthen their reputation – with internal and external stakeholder groups. Our services include the following practices:


Public Affairs

Well-versed advisors for your interests in the political arena of Berlin - and beyond

We place your issues on the political agenda with tailored strategies. We know our way around even in complex policy areas and in the digital world. We connect you with the relevant political decision-makers or set your issues in scene in a creative and publicly visible fashion.

Strategic positioning

We analyze your relevant policy areas, recognize potential pitfalls, and identify opportunities for political communication with a fine sense for political dynamics.

We translate complicated matters into the language of politics and position them in a way that your interests are heard. We know what moves politicians and the media – and can therefore place even sensitive messages on the political agenda or remove you from the line of fire.


Networking creates trust. Trust creates allies. We provide access to opinion leaders and political decision-makers through our high-level, trusted contacts. Our contacts allow us first-hand insights into opinion-building and decision-making processes.

Our dialog events create additional opportunities for contacts and conversations with decision-makers from politics, business, and society.

We regularly invite guests to our own “Politischer Salon” (Political Salon) in Berlin. In this exclusive circle, you, as our client, can enter a conversation with top-level politicians. At more than 50 events of this kind we have welcomed, for instance, Peter Altmaier, Alexander Dobrindt, Hermann Gröhe, Prof. Monika Grütters, Steffen Kampeter, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Renate Künast, Dr. Norbert Lammert, Andrea Nahles, Günther Oettinger, Cem Özdemir, Dr. Peter Ramsauer, Dr. Philipp Rösler, Jens Spahn, Stanislaw Tillich, Dr. Guido Westerwelle, and Brigitte Zypries.

Digital Public Affairs

The digitalization of our world increasingly affects the way decision-makers shape policies and how they communicate. Today, politicians send out important information directly from official meetings into the digital world. Getting in touch with them through the web is more direct, simpler, and faster. If you want to communicate with politicians on eye-level, you need to be alert and visible on the web.

We are at home in the web for you: We observe debates, obtain information, and participate in debates. This enables us to conceive digital campaigns, give you guidance, and accompany difficult debates.

Public campaigns

Institutions, associations, and initiatives need the acceptance and support of citizens and social-political groups. We know the written and unwritten laws of public debates.

Our multiple award-winning creative team develops campaigns for you that attract attention, convey issues and messages efficiently, ensure trust, and create scope of action. In this way, your messages reach the eyes, ears, and hearts of the people who matter.

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Consumer & Product PR

The story counts

If you want to reach, inspire, and activate consumers, you need to shape information into issues and issues into stories. We translate the messages of your brands into stories and disseminate these through the right channels to the relevant listeners in order to inform, initiate dialogs, and establish relationships. Only those who manage to set up a dialog between consumers and brands are taken seriously as dialog
partners in today’s conversation economy.

Structured creativity

We are creative storytellers. Consumer & Product PR at MSL Germany is always creative. Our creativity is based on a structured, insight-based planning process. We observe opinions in real time and offer flexible dialogs that can be controlled and evaluated. In this way, we leverage the potential fans, followers, and communities
hold for your brands.

Transmedial storytelling

Our storytelling teams are made up of experienced consultants who work hand in hand with strategic planners, creatives and digital experts in order to develop the core of each story. This occurs in a channel- and media-neutral fashion. We develop the right platform only when a story is complete – ranging from TV, mobile, microsites, social networks, and online communities to offline events – in order to arouse consumers’ curiosity and provide crucial additional value. Why are stories so important? Click here.

Media relations

Today everybody can be a journalist: you only need a smartphone and Internet access. A blog is quickly set up – just like a twitter account or YouTube channel. With a little courage, talent, and luck, everyone can reach millions of people and have an audience matching that of CNN. To successfully navigate brands in this new media landscape, recognized specialists are needed – specialists who are able to move competently from traditional media to social media. Whether online or offline – we speak the language of journalists and bloggers. Due to our journalistic experience we can prepare issues the way local, national, and international media love it: precise, comprehensible, reliable, and always with a story offering added value.

Only those who can develop stories from content and disseminate them through a creative communication format can create the crucial competitive advantage in a time in which content is devaluated due to unlimited access to production capabilities and distribution channels. 

Creative campaigning

Across channels and media we create, produce, implement, and evaluate all information and activating elements which you will apply in the course of a campaign when addressing and entering a dialog with your stakeholders: collateral, out-of-home, moving images, event and guerilla activities, web and social web platforms, or PR stunts. MSL Germany understands campaigns as formats that focus on issues and information for successful brand communications. We think globally but act locally – because successful communications is always up close.

Influencer relations

What is the use of a relevant story if it is not told? Apart from a good story, brands need the right multipliers who successfully disseminate the story. Close networking with opinion leaders is therefore an essential element of your Consumer & Product PR strategy. Influencer relations ensure a targeted approach of stakeholders who enable change and influence their environment. We link you up with multipliers from the areas of media, digital & social media, key opinion leaders, and public affairs. We identify relevant multipliers and enable you to enter a dialog on relevant issues. Our advisory work for one of our Food & Beverage clients shows how a story
can be multiplied successfully.

Community management

Dialogs require management: We take care of all strategic and operational assistance regarding the concept, the structure, and the continuous dialog with online and offline communities - ranging from handling fans & followers, continuously moderating, editorial planning, and ad-hoc monitoring to legal and financial aspects of communities. Only if you know how to conduct a dialog, you can generate the decisive additional value for a brand. You can become a fan of our clients in the social web here.

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Reputation Management & Corporate Communications

We advise our clients in strengthening and protecting their reputation.

Reputation determines success or failure. Your company’s reputation influences purchasing decisions of increasingly well-informed consumers as well as its capital market valuation. Reputation plays a decisive role when it comes to your operational scope in a business, political, and regional environment.

MSL Germany advises Global Players, small- and medium-sized businesses, institutions, and individuals on all aspects of reputation management. We help you to maximize your operational scope and protect and continuously increase your company’s value. The members of our specialist team for reputation management possess extensive knowledge of major industries and are well-connected in the fields of politics, economy,
and the media.

We strategically position you in your stakeholder environment, strengthen your subject profile and manage critical issues for you. We do this by communicating for you on a daily basis, by advising you, and by supporting you during change processes and in crisis situations.

Identify and master opportunities and critical issues at an early stage

We base our recommendations on methodologically tested analyses of issue and opinion environments, stakeholder demands and political, academic, and media discourses. In this context, our key services are media analyses, stakeholder mapping, and continuous monitoring.

The well-founded analyses we provide enable you to be responsive at all times – in cases in which your reputation can potentially be strengthened, but also in the case of potentially critical issues and events. We develop stories that strengthen your profile and trigger a response against the background of current issues and news. At the same time, we identify critical issues at an early stage and develop a credible and consistent messaging, tailored to your individual stakeholder groups.

Reach the entire stakeholder environment

A communication attuned to all relevant stakeholder groups is often necessary to comprehensively strengthen your company’s reputation and protect it against emerging crises. To achieve this, you need a partner who is able to handle all essential channels available.

We know how to initiate and moderate dialogues – via social media, digital networks, and collaborations we initiate an actual exchange with our clients’ audiences. Our broadcast and corporate TV specialists enable us to process content via moving image formats in a way that is entertaining and comprehensible.

The media response and the response in the political arena are often decisive for a company’s reputation: We maintain excellent contacts to the essential opinion leaders and know how to stage your messages in media and politics and how to obtain attention for your issues.

Particularly in complex communications situations, we emphasize a direct exchange with interest groups, for example with citizen action groups in conflict situations involving for example infrastructure or other
major projects.

Special challenges – Change and Crisis

The significantly more intense and accelerated exchange between companies and their social, media, and political environment has consequences for the management of change processes. Frequently, changes in companies are no longer solely triggered by dramatic events or decisions, but are rather continuous adaptation processes. Almost every change process, however, requires particularly sensitive and integrated communication. If you seek acceptance and support, you need to make your goals transparent and comprehensible.

We develop messages and plan communication processes that inform, activate, and involve employees, business partners, shareholders, journalists, and the general public. We work closely with those involved in change processes: law firms, accountants, and corporate consultants.

In potentially critical change processes or crisis situations we provide professional scenario planning based on our comprehensive monitoring tools. We advise and support you intensely, proactively, and, if required, with a 24h on-duty service during a crisis and also take on the role of an external press office.

Mainly, however, we create the conditions necessary for you to maintain your operational scope: We implement efficient early-warning systems and develop workflows for crisis communication. Via crisis simulations, we create and train various scenarios. Additionally, we prepare company spokespersons and the management for crisis situations in media training sessions.

MSL Germany is at your side, advising you comprehensively in various communications situations. As a trusted advisor, we help you strengthen your reputation through a dialogue with your stakeholders, sharpen your issues profile, manage critical issues, and successfully handle change processes and critical situations.

Stakeholder Engagement and Shared Value

A proactive dialog with your stakeholders plays a central role in reputation building. Employees, suppliers, consumers, and everyone coming into contact with your company, your products, and your brands, pay much closer attention to you than ever before – also beyond a purely economic dimension. Unlike in the past, the value of your company is also understood as a ‘shared value.’

We help you in your effort to live up to these expectations - with concepts and specific dialog formats. Our commitment is comprehensive as this challenge involves the exchange of information, a dialog leading to sustainable and productive cooperation, with reputation value and social footprint for all participants.

MSLGROUP has developed a special methodology in order to enable such stakeholder engagement: we call it PurPle (Purpose + People = Performance). With PurPle we offer you the know-how necessary to conceive, organize, and moderate “collaborative,” productive interactions with different stakeholders.

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Creative Studio

We deliver the idea for your communications design

From consumer PR to Public Affairs: Ideas are the fuel for your creative issue campaigns. At MSL Germany, it is common practice to imbed art directors and creative directors in client teams. We thus ensure that your brand always profits from new, creative, and channel-neutral campaign ideas. Connecting strategy consultancy with the development of creative issue campaigns is a hallmark of our offering, making it particularly valuable for you.

Creativity is always tangible. Whether infographics, advertisements, brochures, editorial TV content, talk formats, or web and social media platforms: Your campaigns profit from the right alignment of different formats and instruments. We pool the design of creative content formats in our Creative Studio, where designers, art directors, copywriters, TV editors, and digital specialists work for your success.

Creation & Design

Our strategic and creative consultancy offering includes corporate branding, editorial design, and interactive design. Identifying what is unique about a brand is crucial in today’s markets and media. We create uniqueness and thus added value by attaching a visual profile to your corporate, strategic and project messages. From the corporate identity of an international association to the corporate design of a medium-sized company, from the branding of an issue campaign for a large German enterprise to the action logo of a non-profit organization – form, based on strategic and creative design, is essential.

Moving Images

Whether social media profiles or internal communications – communication is unimaginable without moving images. Our experts are one-stop providers of the whole range of moving image communications. They create the matching format and concept for any target group and content – from flagship projects to regular broadcasts, online platforms, and channels.

Our consultants and editors have proven their expertise and professionalism in corporate TV projects and with leading TV networks. Our broadcast team develops strategies and concepts for outstanding moving image formats and video portals and manages the whole development process from creation and editorial work to the production and final validation. Additionally, we offer TV coaching and media training, to prepare our clients intensely and individually for interviews and media contacts.

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Social Media & Digital

Digital dialogs shape the reputations of brands, companies,
and institutions

The advent of social media has ushered in the conversation age, fundamentally changing the way we communicate. Whether Facebook as viral content recommendation channel, Twitter as dialog platform in the general elections, Instagram as driver of a new type of visual communication, or bloggers as new opinion-shapers - today, virtual, digital conversations are around us almost everywhere and at all times.

Brands, companies, and institutions are also part of these conversations – whether they want to or not. The social web today often triggers crises – a good preparation to prevent and manage such crises is thus very important. If challenges are approached in the right fashion, however, the conversation economy offers more
opportunities than risks.

Placing you and your topics in the web and the conversation

We help our clients listen to digital conversations and cull the right insights from them. We measure the reputation of companies and brands and strengthen these through a focused exchange with stakeholders and multipliers. The aim is to establish a lasting dialog and productive exchange between companies and institutions and their target groups and stakeholders in order to be part of these digital conversations. Based on the strategy selected, we develop matching campaigns, content, and dialog platforms. We place you and your topics
in the web and the conversation.

We are constantly on the move as trend scouts in the social web – subscribe to our regular newsletter Digital Inspirations here.

As part of the global MSLGROUP Social Media Practice, the digital strategists of MSL Germany are in regular exchange with colleagues from all over the world to analyze and comment on the latest developments in digital communications. Read the latest posts in our global blog Critical Conversations.

What we do

Our experts are all-rounders as well as specialists – for the different social networks and industries ranging from automotive and healthcare to public affairs. We cover the following areas:

Communities, Conversations & Collaborations: We breathe life into communities and enable dialog and exchange between our clients and their target groups. Whether Facebook or Twitter – we manage your communities, produce content and response plans and talk with your fans and clients. Alternatively, we build your own collaborative communities for you - like we did with the Siemens Future Influencers.

Digital Storytelling: We are creative storytellers and prepare stories in digital formats in a way that they can be passed on and shared in social networks. In order to do so, our digital planners develop a deep understanding of brand and target group to enable our strategists to tell the right story.

Monitoring & Analytics: We know who talks with whom about what in the social web. We can therefore tell our clients how and where to communicate with which target groups. To achieve this, we access a large variety of tools that allow us to offer our clients effective social media monitoring including crisis alerts.

Digital Public Affairs: We are the experts for Digital Public Affairs and a partner for associations, institutions, NGOs, and companies in the area of online political communications. We show our clients how to use the new digital tools effectively.

Influencer Relations: We know the influencers and multipliers our clients need to communicate with – whether in lifestyle, beauty, or politics. Our experts are active as bloggers and on Twitter, and constantly interact with the blogosphere and influencers in the social web.

Design & Build: We build web sites and dialog platforms and design Facebook and mobile apps. We design infographics and produce viral videos for digital storytelling – and thus offer the whole range of tools and services to bring digital campaigns to life.

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Healthcare Communications

Healthcare Communications – a matter of trust

Health is a matter of trust. But the trust in many actors in the healthcare sector is visibly decreasing. At the same time, the industry is undergoing radical changes. These changes are accelerated by several trends: massive cost pressure in the healthcare systems, the end of the pharmaceutical industry’s blockbuster phase, and the related search for new business models. At the same time, communication patterns of patients, healthcare professionals, payers, influencers, and politicians are changing. Digitalization has fundamentally transformed the way patients obtain information and, simultaneously, created meta trends such as Quantified Self. More than ever, good communication is important for business success in the healthcare sector.

Healthcare communications at MSL Germany: Experience
and Innovation

MSL Germany is at your side as advisor in the changing world of healthcare communications. We focus on your reputation and the success of your products. For more than 25 years we have supported clients from the healthcare sector and have built up reputation for pharmaceuticals (Rx + OTC), medical technology products, products with additional medical benefits, pharmaceutical companies, service providers, and associations. We combine experience and competence with a reliable instinct for trends and innovations. We have extensive knowledge of the special rules governing the communication of healthcare issues – at the same time, we know the essential innovations in the field of communications. We cover all aspects of your healthcare communications with a combination of specialists for product communications, reputation management, social media, and public affairs unique to the German market.

Strong stories, precise messages – independent of
communication channels

Your story is at the center of everything we do. We develop relevant messages also when faced with complex and complicated issues. We find the right mix to address your concern with utmost precision toward healthcare professionals, patients, payers, and in the political arena. Strong stories and tailor-made messages are based on precise analyses that we can provide due to our healthcare expertise. Our campaign concepts are channel-neutral: we cover the whole spectrum of communications, ranging from media relations to the conception of dialog formats, from media co-operations to advertorials, advertising, webcasts, and films.

Patients and specialist audiences increasingly obtain information and exchange views via digital channels. We reacted to this development at an early stage and develop and manage numerous communities, collaboration formats, and social media platforms – for products from the medical technology and consumer health sectors as well as for product categories and companies. In times when physicians have less available time and sales teams have been significantly reduced, moving image formats play an important role in digital healthcare communications. With our specialized broadcast team, we conceive and realize expert discussions,
trainings, and webcasts.

Reliable in identifying trends and well-connected with industry experts

Particularly in the healthcare sector, access to expertise and the latest trends is more significant than ever. MSL Germany cooperates closely with external experts from the healthcare sector and, additionally, makes use of the international healthcare expertise within MSLGROUP. The knowledge and experience of these partners is integrated in our advisory work for you. We moreover maintain and organize connections for you in the healthcare sector, in the scientific community, specialist groups, and among important political actors.

This enables us to offer broader support to several clients – for instance in the form of the maintenance and integration of advisory boards, conference management, or medical education programs.

Beyond industry connections, current trends play an important role in the advisory work for our clients. Together with opinion research institutes we realize the MSL Healthcare study (Gesundheitsstudie) which focuses on the role social media play in the way patients obtain information. We regularly publish these results, other trends, or news in our healthcare blog, the Virtual Waiting Room (Virtuelles Wartezimmer).

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Employee Communications & Engagement

Creating successful employer brands

Recruit, motivate, and retain employees: Human resources is a core management and communications task. The competition among employers for the best brains requires smart communications. A traditional job advertisement alone is not sufficient. Building relationships with relevant academic institutions, human resources PR, and social media platforms have rapidly gained in significance in the field of recruiting marketing. What is attractive about your company? Which arguments do you choose to convince talents? Is your employer brand attractive enough? Our specialist team for employee communications develops authentic employer brands. We help you position yourself sustainably as an attractive employer.

Ready for dialog: Social Media and Enterprise 2.0

Whether for job applicants, employees, or alumni: social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become essential components of employer communication. We know the latest trends and advise you on how to initiate an authentic dialog as an employer brand. The working environment is also increasingly adapting to the social media logic. Companies are looking for ways to manage knowledge more efficiently and engage employees more intensely. Under the heading “Enterprise 2.0,” many companies have already entered a more intense dialog via collaboration formats and crowdsourcing. We help you shape this change process in order to prevent Enterprise 2.0 from being reduced simply to tools and buzzwords and instead allow it to introduce cultural change.

Advocates and messengers: Inspire employees and alumni

Personal recommendations are the most important kind of advertising. Satisfied employees and alumni have long started exchanging views about your company in social media and on review sites. By the way – dissatisfied employees are doing exactly the same thing. To a large extent, your employer reputation is being negotiated online as everyone today has the opportunity to act as an influencer. Ideally, employees act as their employer’s ambassadors, often, however, they also act as their critics. We advise you regarding the strategic orientation of your online employee and alumni communications and support you in the task of developing sustainable activities aiming at your employer reputation.

The world is moving faster, we need a new talent management

Instead of seeking contact with high potentials only when searching for new employees, it is important to engage in a long-term, sincere dialog with potential, existing, and former employees. Next to recruiting marketing, active talent management is a significant component of your employer branding. When searching for skilled and executive personnel, a talent pool becomes increasingly relevant. This way, you can make use of the knowledge existing outside your own organization. But talent networks depend on active management of the platform, lively communication, and networking at events. Our employee communications specialists support you in establishing and maintaining sustainable dialogs.

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Financial Communications

We know the needs of the financial markets – via-à-vis internal and external target groups

MSL Germany has an experienced team for financial communications and investor relations with a focus on strategic communications consultancy in capital markets. Our range of services includes investor relations, IPOs, M&A and restructuring communications, as well as reputation management. Moreover, we provide counsel in special situations such as crises, proxy fights, compliance issues, or insolvencies. Our clients include DAX-listed companies as well as Small and Mid Caps from the German Mittelstand.

Due to our consultants’ experience from c. 120 IPOs, numerous national and international landmark transactions, and more than 300 IR projects in Germany, investment banks, law firms, transaction consultants, and accountants recommend us on a regular basis.

Transactions and restructuring measures

Takeovers, mergers, divestments, and restructuring measures place high demands on internal an external communications. The mood and approval of colleagues, workers’ representatives, shareholders, investors, journalists, politicians, and other stakeholders is decisive for success. Our consultants possess thorough experience in M&A communications for national and international companies of various sectors and sizes, ranging from DAX-listed companies to Small and Mid Caps.

IPOs, capital increases, and secondary offerings

There rarely is a second chance for a convincing first impression. This holds particularly true for an IPO. In order to comply with the requirements of the financial community, media, and investors in all IPO phases, we develop sustainable communication and positioning strategies together with our clients and their advisors. Our consultants have proven their expertise and professionalism in more than 120 German IPOs.

For capital increases or secondary offerings to succeed, goals and backgrounds of capital measures need to be presented convincingly to investors and stakeholders. We align the messaging with corporate and financing strategies and advise regarding the implementation.

Investor Relations

Professional investor relations are directed at managing expectations. Developing or elaborating on equity stories, positioning companies on the capital market, and communicating with investors, analysts, media, and other stakeholders count among our particular areas of specialization. Our consultants have collaborated successfully on more than 300 IR projects for companies of various industries and sizes, among them DAX-listed companies as well as Small and Mid Caps from the German Mittelstand. Our range of services spans from strategic IR consulting and management coaching to services for IR staff to the comprehensive outsourced
support of Small Caps.

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